Space Pirate Trainer : Game Review

Space Pirate Trainer is one of the first high quality games to be released exclusively for virtual reality. It is an action packed shooter that has the player ducking, dodging and shooting for their life! With seemingly endless levels, a player will find themselves facing armies of killer robot with increasing difficulty and excitement. With all that it is an incredible experience.

Space Pirate Trainer first came to the scene in April of 2016 as a beta, and a full release on October 2017. It soon became one of the most popular VR games on the market. It is a high quality game with a simple design. You’re shooting at robots and they’re shooting back at you, so dodge those bullets!

The Quality of the game is quite beautiful. You find yourself on a landing platform, at night, in the future, and possibly on another planet. You look at your hands and find futuristic laser guns with unlimited ammo. The enemies are well designed robots that get more intimidating as more powerful versions appear later in the game. The whole thing has a respectable design and does not, at all, make you feel like it is childish. Which makes Space Pirate Trainer fun for all ages.

This game is especially great for new-comers to VR. The controls are incredibly easy to master while not sacrificing the integrity of the game. You never feel like you are having your hand held and walked through everything. Just dodge the bullets and shoot back! If you don’t die, then it just gets harder. Just that simple. You have an arsenal of weapons that can be switched out with a press of a button, and there are no complicated controls you need to learn. This game is also not exclusively meant for children. I have seen people in the 50’s and 60’s try Space Pirate trainer and have the time of their life. The game is just that easy to get into and just that fun.

I have personally experienced Space Pirate Trainer and have been playing since January of 2017. I love how the game makes me utilize the entirety of my play area. I find myself jumping and sliding from corner to corner, trying as best I can to blow up all of the robots and not get hit myself. This games makes use of a lot of leg work. I was so close to breaking 100,000 on my score, and was so disappointed when I took my third damage and lost the game. I’ll have to keep trying, and I certainly will.

In conclusion, Space Pirate Trainer is an excellent VR game. Anyone who tries it will get a blast out of it. It is of high quality and is simple to get into. All you need is endurance and fast feet. It is certainly a must have for anyone who owns an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset.